State Law May Require Enhanced Protection for your Community Association

States have passed laws (Florida 718.111 and SB398) which mandate that condo associations and homeowner associations need to have an association website. But not just any website, it must be able to do certain things or your association is not in compliance.

It must make the following information privately available, and ensure each member be only able to view and change his or her property info, messages and posting, and not see or modify the private information of another general member of the association.

Within the PRIVATE access areas members need to:

THEN, it must be made PUBLICLY available:

Although your state or municipality may have alternate language it is clear that the intent of legislation like Florida (718.111 and SB398) is to provide owners with a private resource for managing their property interest and a transparent way of communicating to the governing association in a private and secure manner. Please visit our features page to see how CHOPAS community portals gets the job done.

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