Turn Your Condo or Homeowner Association into a Community with 1 Simple Solution

You’ve been thinking about it for many years and you finally took the plunge – buying a home or condo with the benefits of a condo association or homeowner association that would cut the grass for you, provide a pool you don’t need to clean, have a well-equipped gym with televisions, sauna and showers, and all the sports amenities to keep you from getting bored: basketball, volleyball, horse-shoes and mini-golf. You moved in and it was a glorious day!

Three Months Later…

Then time passed and your AC started acting up, your water heater wasn’t producing water as hot as you like it, the pool has beer bottles strewn when it clearly states none were allowed. Parking was becoming territorial and getting your guests in for the weekend became like sneaking a bottle of booze to a relative in assisted living.

Your daughter’s birthday party came and you couldn’t get the picnic area by the pool booked in time, because you needed to work late and the property manager left for the weekend. And, to top it all off, all the guests you wanted to impress with your paradise-style living saw an unkempt lawn with bald spots and shabbily manicured bushes.

You called the office from work, since you can’t get there during office hours, only to be told the person responsible for (fill in the blank) was out of the office. A note is taken and promised it would be taken care of this week. Another three months later, your AC is still struggling, your shower is lukewarm, you’re picking up bottles to not be embarrassed in front of visitors, and the serenity of a beautiful lawn and bushes is gone. What happened to the dream? It seems management, while well-intentioned, is not MANAGING too well!

What If…

Imagine if management ran smoothly. I mean, they communicated like a well-oiled machine. When someone called with an issue, the manager or superintendent responded quickly and got it fixed as soon as possible.

Imagine not having to call at all! What if you could just turn on your smartphone and send in an issue report, inform management the pool beer-bottle regulation was being ignored, your lawn looked like it went through chemo, and while you’re at it, you booked the picnic area with volleyball court for your book club – AND IT ALL GOT DONE!

Homeowners can do all this with a cloud-based portal. Most state (including Florida) are very strict about what it has the ability for you to do, and what privacy the portal must afford you. to be able to allow YOU, the owner, to edit your own account and see anything and everything pertaining to you: messages from the association, database updates regarding your property, your communication history (so you can prove you told them 3 months ago), and more!

The best part is your association can do this for the cost of a couple of large pizza with all the fixings and a 2-liter bottle of Coke—delivered—once a month – it won’t affect your fees hardly at all! So, if they aren’t aware of this, you should tell them about CHOPAS.

Your Condo or Homeowner Association wants the same things you want: a wonderful place to live with time and peace to enjoy it. After all, you are a team! The manager, grounds-keeper, head of security, superintendent, Et al are supposed to provide the services you purchased when you bought your home and you provide the fees necessary to do so.

Therefore, make sure you tell them about CHOPAS. Show them how CHOPAS will allow them to be compliant with state laws, allow you to stay connected and know what’s going on, and get the services you pay for from the comfort of anywhere: your home, work, car or boat!

Share this page with your property manager or Board of Directors so they can get on the same page, checkout all the state-of-the-art features and start a FREE 30-Day trial.

The manager and Board of Directors will thank you and your neighbors will love you! There will be harmony again, the birds will sing, the flowers in your garden will smell incredible, and the sun will shine all because of your genius recommendation. After all, isn’t this why you bought your home there in the first place? You deserve it! Your neighbors deserve it! Why settle for less? TELL THEM ABOUT CHOPAS!

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