Eliminate ALL Your Homeowners Association Problems with this 1 Solution

You know you need a Homeowners association software solution, a community portal, but you either hate change, are technology challenged or have a tight budget (or all three). But the pain is getting unbearable to keep avoiding what you know must be done.

Every day is filled with tight schedules getting tighter, managing vendors who need to reply to issues reports, and responding to residents and owners who keep calling and coming into the office – taking more time away from your busy day. If that weren’t enough, you have parking permits to deal with, your owner’s directory isn’t current so there’s grid lock at the gate, and you still have a pile of security forms to file. By the time the day is done, you are NOT done – wishing you had an extra two hours in a day to fit everything. No wonder you leave with headaches and have restless sleep!

Then there’s the Board of Directors, who keep asking for a solution that makes them look good and their jobs easier, and doesn’t break the budget. Sooner or later, “I’m working on it…” isn’t going to placate them anymore.

Salt on the Wound: Florida Requires Association Websites

Add to this debacle that Florida passed laws (718.111 and SB398) which state that condo associations and homeowner associations need to have an association website by January 1, 2019. But not just any website, it must be able to do certain things or your association would not be in compliance.

It must make the following PRIVATELY available, and ensure each member be only able to view his or her own messages and posting, and no one else’s.

THEN, it must be made PUBLICLY available:

Now you have a fixed deadline, the Board is becoming impatient, time’s running out and you don’t have enough time in a day – catch 22… or is it?

What If You Could Have A Perfect World?

What if there was a Homeowners association website and portal that took care of BOTH situations for you? A solution that would help you take control of your day, save you time and allow you to organize everything simply for easy access.

What if you could take all the issues you struggle with and instead of having a bunch of loose ends metaphorically duct taped together, you could crosslink everything pertaining to an inventory (home, condo or unit) item? This way, when you needed the information, it would all be there easily and simply. At the board meeting, you could answer ALL their questions with your smartphone.

What if your Board of Directors were SO HAPPY with the system, when a new member or board were elected, you could get them up to date quickly, simply, easily and accurately?

What if it not only took care of all the things you were pulling your hair out over, but ALSO made you compliant with the new Florida laws? Plus, it made you look professional and helped you enforce all rules and regulations, with no more forgetting simple things that could become huge fires to put out.

Finally, what if it were simple to implement and learn, had support that is second to none and fit your budget comfortably? Would this be a perfect-world solution?

Introducing CHOPAS: Community Management Made Simple

CHOPAS (Condo Home Owner Property Association Software) has created a simple, powerful and affordable solution for community management. Same-Page, the makers of CHOPAS, is a 20-year old, award-winning manufacturer of collaboration SaaS software suites. Thousands of organizations from non-profits, government agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs use their software every day to manage their businesses.

After years of research on the specific needs of managing condo associations, homeowner associations and community associations, Same-Page took a 20-year old trusted, tried and proven solid foundation, and created CHOPAS.

Now, Managing a Homeowners Association Has Become Simple!

Instead of having all your associations files, security forms, issue resolutions, calendars, ACRs, documents, etc. filed and scattered all over the place, CHOPAS links them to where they belong – the inventory item. This way, when you need an answer, no more searching for a needle in a haystack.

Imagine a vendor, fellow Board Member, owner or legal entity asking for certain information or documentation. You open the record for the particular owner or property, and everything pertaining to it is right in front of you.

All this provided through your own secure (with the latest SSL security) landing page website that is accessible from ANY device! No APP needed! You can use it wherever you need it; however you choose to use it: on a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet, iPhone or smartphone – whichever you prefer!

For about the cost of one (1) lunch for two, you can have CHOPAS making you look like the genius manager to your Board of Directors, employees, vendors and owners! $29 per month gets rid of all your hassles and makes Florida AND your community HAPPY with CHOPAS.

So, stop putting off what you know you need to do today! CHOPAS provides a FREE DEMO and a 30-Day trial. What have you got to lose? Take our questionnaire, get your questions answered, start your trial and you will wonder how you ever managed a Homeowners association without it. CHOPAS will future proof your association, providing a central place to store important information no matter when the data is needed and who is asking for it.

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