New Florida Laws State Condo Homeowner Associations MUST Have Specific Website by Jan 1 2019

CHOPAS Makes It Simple for Web Developers to Meet Association Expectations!

Homeowner and Condominium Associations make for great clients for local focused web developers. It used to be that the sites were designed to simply let visitors know what the community was about,. Usually five pages of content and photos was enough to make the Association happy. But recently states have added legislation (link to state page) to assure owner privacy, board transparency, and include public facing documents. Developing a site now that conforms to state laws and meets owner usability, becomes a major project. It requires deep pockets, lots of resources and time, expensive software licenses, and the major education of your client.

But What If…

What if you could offer a cost-effective solution you could turnaround in a reasonable amount of time, which owners would not reject because it was so affordable, allowing you to gain more status with your association customers and earn more money for your business?

What if you offered a portal product that helped condo associations, homeowner associations, community associations, and property associations not only legally comply but ALSO made managing their association easier – adding HUGE benefits they never expected? How much value would that add to your offering?

Imagine if you could provide a web portal that eliminated the day-to-day issues most property associations struggle with – and you didn’t even have to develop it! Simply plug-in a log in form, add a few links and the integration of the association portal was done for you – making your turnaround time even faster.

What if you could go back to your existing community associations and property management clients and address their needs, and bill them for ten hours for setting up their new community portal – saving them time and you earned a nice profit for a bit of work?

You would be able to say YOUR website will allow them to:

Introducing CHOPAS: Community Management Made Simple

CHOPAS (Condo Home Owner Property Association Software) has created a simple, powerful, and affordable solution for community management. Same-Page, the makers of CHOPAS, is a 20-year old, award-winning manufacturer of collaboration SaaS software. Thousands of organizations from non-profits, government agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs use their software every day to manage their businesses.

After years of research on the specific needs of managing condo associations, homeowner associations and community associations, Same-Page took a 20-year old trusted, tried and proven software platform and re-tooled it to create CHOPAS.

Support and Service Second to None!

With CHOPAS’ U.S. based support team, you will be able to launch your project in time and make the community association happy!

CHOPAS also provides world-class customer service and support! With live phone support, email support, videos to walk the client through visually, and an extensive help guide, you won’t be pulling your hair out fielding owner phone calls.

How Can You Benefit?

A web developer’s most precious asset is time. The sooner one can turn around a project the better, making way for more business. Also, ongoing work and referrals are the bread and butter of any company.

With CHOPAS providing a fully secure landing page with login and SSL certificate, you will be able to NOT only integrate our portal rapidly and simply, but also offer additional ongoing monthly services. This will provide cash flow and make you the “go to” guy for any future needs the association may have. Plus, rarely are associations a single entity. Often, they are part of a family of properties and communities needing the same services. Once you’ve delivered a your first fully functioning site, they will most likely refer you to one of their other properties. Another plus, community and homeowner association managers and companies know other community managers and companies they can refer you to outside of their sister properties. Since they all talk, with the deadline quickly approaching, they share information – providing an opportunity for steady business into the future.

You will be able to offer:

"We found CHOPAS while it was in beta while searching for a HOA portal product. Customer support previewed the product and I found it easy to setup. I showed it to an HOA Board and got approval quickly. I expect that CHOPAS will increase the longevity of our website customer base and improve our bottom line." Drew Ogden

Are You Ready to Partner, Partner?

Take a look at what CHOPAS has to offer. Become familiar with the features and benefits. Get your questions answered by calling and taking a demo. Learn how simple it is to take YOUR web site design or an existing website and add CHOPAS. This will allow you to offer a community portal that will make it easier for the association to interact and communicate with each other and their owners.

HOA-COA Associations are looking for a good solution to their state's requirements that won't break their budget. Most would like a refresh of their website . Decisions are being made right now on where to spend their money. CHOPAS provides you with a tool to act on this opportunity and secure long-term business. Will you grab your piece of the HUGE pie of condo associations, homeowner associations, community associations, and property managers looking for association websites and community portals? It could be if you act now! Give us a call, get your questions answered, demo the product, and start reaching out to your new client-base.

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