CHOPAS: Next Generation Community Management

If you are an on-site property manager or sit on the Board of Directors for your community association you know the mine field in front of you. Every day is filled with tight schedules getting tighter, managing vendors who need more info about owner issues, and responding to residents and owners who keep calling and coming into the office – taking more time away from your busy day. If that weren't enough, you have parking permits to deal with, your owner’s directory isn’t current so there's grid lock at the security gate, and you still have a pile of elevator requests to organize. By the time the day is done, you are NOT done – wishing you had an extra two hours in a day to fit everything. No wonder you leave with headaches and have restless sleep!

CHOPAS (Condo Home Owner Property Association Software) is a simple, powerful and affordable solution for community management. It was developed by Same-Page a 20-year old, award-winning manufacturer of collaboration SaaS software products. Thousands of organizations from non-profits, government agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs use eStudio every day to manage their businesses.

Over the years, eStudio had multiple community association customers. These customers told us that the eStudio standard product was not a close enough fit for their membership and they needed a custom solution. We listened and rebuilt our platform, developed a crisp interface, and created tool to meet the specific needs of managing condo associations, homeowner associations and community associations.

Managing a Community Association Has Become Simple!

Instead of having all your associations' files, security forms, issue resolutions, calendars, ARCs, documents, etc. filed and scattered all over the place, CHOPAS links them to where they belong – the inventory item.

Imagine a vendor, fellow Board Member, owner or legal entity asking for certain information or documentation. You open the record for the particular owner or property, and everything pertaining to it is right in front of you.

With CHOPAS all this is provided through your own secure (with the latest SSL security) website that is accessible from ANY device! No APP is needed! You can use it wherever you need it; however you choose to use it: on a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet, iPhone or smartphone – whichever you prefer! For about the cost of one (1) lunch for two, you can have CHOPAS making you look like the genius manager to your Board of Directors, employees, vendors, and owners!

So, stop putting off what you know you need to do today! CHOPAS provides a FREE DEMO and a 30-Day trial. What have you got to lose? Start your trial and you will wonder how you ever managed a community association without it. CHOPAS will future proof your association, providing a central place to store important information no matter when the data is needed and who is asking for it.

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