Get Rid of These 5 Board of Director Problems with this 1 Simple Solution

It is pretty obvious that you need a condo association or homeowners association software solution, but you either hate change, are technology challenged, or have a tight budget. The members of Board of Directors keeps moaning and groaning over the lost time and hassles to do simple things like:

…that they look like the revolving door at JC Penney®. You’re second-guessing your decision to serve on the board.

The Reality of the Situation

Your board has heard of condo association websites and homeowner association software, but what they looked into was too clunky, required a long learning curve, had to be installed on a local computer, or required special setup and hiring in-house technicians – another expense not needed.

Plus, not everyone on the Board of Directors was tech-savvy, so they felt intimidated and frustrated. They refused to use it and went back to doing things the old-fashioned way: their favorite email software, Microsoft® Office® or Google Docs, Dropbox™ or Box™ to share files, and whatever desktop publishing software du jour to communicate with owners and residents.

The moving parts were SO MANY, the dots to connect SO numerous that reports, association files, legal documents, estoppel notices, messages and more were misplaced constantly. This made common issues major ones when the information needed could not be found in a timely manner.

Constant fights in meetings and finger-pointing became the norm. This made you dread scheduling them – so meetings became far and few in between. The minimized oversight, due to avoiding board gatherings, compounded your problems, and created a never-ending nightmare cycle.

What If You Could Have A Perfect World?

What if there was a condo association website or homeowners association software that took care of BOTH situations for you?

What if you could take all the issues you struggle with on the Board of Directors, and instead of having a bunch of loose ends metaphorically duct-taped together, you could cross-link everything pertaining to a particular property in inventory (home, condo, or unit) ? This way, when you needed the information, it would all be there easily accessible.

So what does your board need?

What if your Board of Directors were SO HAPPY with the system, no one was leaving? And, on the rare occasion there was turnover, it was painless and easy to on-board a new member?

What if it not only took care of all the things you were pulling your hair out over, but ALSO made you compliant with the new state laws? Plus, it made you look professional and helped you enforce all rules and regulations, with no more forgetting simple things that could become huge fires to put out.

Finally, what if it were simple to implement and learn, had support that is second to none and fit your budget comfortably? Would this be a perfect-world solution?

So, stop putting off what you know you need to do today! Take the initiative now. CHOPAS provides a FREE DEMO and a 30-Day trial. Start your trial and you will wonder how you ever managed a community association without it. CHOPAS will future proof your association, providing a central place to store important information no matter when the data is needed and who is asking for it.

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